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Music for a Subversive dinner

This is the title of the latest mix of Netwaves, focused on our label. Fifteen of our tracks in a great dj set, mixed by RuE9. We will like to thank the boys from Netwaves for the support. Download the set from here, this is the tracklist:

1 Rumania – Fernando Lopez
2 Kreuzberg Lights – Onka Onichi
3 Eldorado – Iana Himnia
4 On & Off – The Ego
5 Rosebud – Nikto
6 Mazoneria – Ordep Zerep
7 Aquamagnetism – Sr.Click
8 Movida en el Patín – Alberto Pascual
9 Wet – Rubeck
10 Roasted Black – Mönico
11 Epidermis – Pep Gaya
12 Surreal – Banding!
13 Interrrupt Puzzle – Kleinlaut
14 Into the no parameter side – Tacito
15 Expiacion – Drugstore


SM010 mixed by White Zone

White Zone, one of the artists appearing in SM010, has mixed the whole release in a dj set. You can get this file for free here. Enjoy!


SM010: Thank you!

Thanks to Deepgoa, Metropolis, Oir Para Creer, Inversepop, TechnoLocator and Metro Electrónica for the posts on SM010... Also we will like to thank to all the Twitter folks who RT our tweets! Let’s make this VVAA our most downloaded EP!


SM010: VVAA – Celebration

This month we’re celebrating our two years “on the road” with this huge VVAA compilation!

15 tracks in different styles to show our passion for electronic dance music, by Alic, Audiohobel, Banding, Dakpa, Drugstore, Fernando Lopez, Lluis Ribalta, We Are The Invaders, Onka Onichi, Pepe Arcade, Rodrigo Rivera, Rubeck, Vicky Montefusco, White Zone and Xuzav. We would like to thank them all, and also thank all the artists that have supported us since our beggining, in 2007. Download the EP, go celebrate our anniversary!

SM010: V.V.A.A. – Celebration
001 Alic – Your Weapon (Dub)
002 Audiohobel – Verhau
003 Banding – Waiting
004 Dakpa – Don’t Me
005 Drugstore – Expiacion
006 Fernando Lopez – Rumania
007 Lluis Ribalta – Future Music
008 We Are The Invaders – Insert Coin
009 Onka Onichi – Kreuzberg Lights
010 Pepe Arcade – Dimension
011 Rodrigo Rivera – Plug and play
012 Rubeck – Tymon
013 Vicky Montefusco – To Be Happy
014 White Zone – Lost in a Supermarket
015 Xuzav – Double Ice Cream


Showcase @ Isladencanta

We’ll be showcasing the netlabel next december 22th at Isladencanta one of our favorite clubs and home of a big number of underground artists here in Barcelona (c/Capella 15, Barcelona, ES – free entrance, from 11PM till 3AM). This will be our line-up for this showcase:

22/DEC – Subversive Media Showcase @ Isladencanta
Nikto (dj-set)
Roger Mercader (dj-set)
Banding! live!
Negat live!


SM001: Reviews

Some reviews of SM001: VVAA – Panoramic at MinimalNet, INQ-Mag, Metropolis and Netlabel & News. Thanks all!


SM001: Mixtape

We’ve recorded one of our live sets at the SIMO Madrid showcases a couple of weeks ago and we’re publishing it as an official mixtape, including all the tracks of the SM001:Panoramic release:

SM001: Mixtape
001 SM001: Mixtape – Recorded live by Nikto (90Mb)
+ Release Cover (1Mb)


SM001: 1.000 Downloads!

SM001: Panoramic, our first EP, released a few weeks ago, has been downloaded/listened for almost a thousand users now. We’re so pleased and this surely motivates us to keep on with our work! Thank you all!


SM001: VVAA – Panoramic

Our first release, a various artists compilation of 15 great quality EDM tracks, is out now!

Fifteen different visions on electronics from Spain, Portugal, Germany or Mexico, to blast your headphones.We will like to thank all the artists involved in this release for their good work, and all the people who support us.

Be Subversive!

SM001: VVAA – Panoramic
001 Polux – Troid
002 Unai Maleski – Chernienko’s Red Phone
003 Hiroshi Oki – Alomauri
004 Pedro Trotz – B102
005 Bitmut – Travelling Lights
006 Kleinlaut – Interrupt Puzzle
007 Sr.Click – Aquamagnetism
008 Onka Onichi – Beta Position
009 Markus Masuhr – Some People Call Me Later
010 Negat – Nomasdelomismo
011 Banding – Surreal
012 Nikto – Rosebud
013 Roger Mercader – Reality Slice
014 TactiK – Enac
015 Miguel Puente – Encierro

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